Drink Local!

Craft beer is an amazingly local, often made with a local twist. Despite how spread out great craft beer can be, the internet as always seems to make the world a little bit smaller. We now share pictures and reviews of great beer from all over the world. There is just one problem…after drooling over pictures and tasting notes form users from all over the world, its not exactly easy to get them.  The only beers you can get pretty much anywhere in the world are from the big players, and unfortunately they do not exactly brew any of the beer most of us are reading tasting notes online and drooling over pictures on the internet of.

The Beer Portfolio Pro Android app, already helps users locate nearby breweries that they can tour, but I wanted a way to easily find the great local beers I should try when visiting a friend in a new city or while I travel across the country. So today I launched “Drink Local” on Beer Portfolio.

I got this idea from a T-shirt. I have this tradition that whenever I go visit a craft brewery, I not only take the tour and taste as many great beers as my small stature can handle; I also buy a t-shirt. One day me and some friends decided to take a tour of some great small breweries in Baltimore (You can actually read about that trip here).  After I finished the tour of Union Craft Brewery, I did my usual tradition and bought a t-shirt.  Plainly on the back of the t-shirt it just simply says, “Drink Local.” I have had the t-shirt for awhile now and it has always gotten me to go check out those small local breweries…I mean those really small breweries. Like Heritage Brewing who just recently opened up in Virginia, they are brand new and super local.

Enough with the back story, here is how the new “Drink Local” feature of the android app works. As users of Beer Portfolio add beers and rate beers in their portfolio, they are helping users discover local beers. When you click on “Drink Local” in the navigation menu, you will get a list of beers, sorted by ranking based on all the users input from Beer Portfolio. This list though is limited to only beers located within 50  miles of your current location.

Some Local Virginia Beers

Some Local Virginia Beers

When traveling or in a new area, you can now whip out your phone and check what local beers are worth trying out. Now when you walk into a bar or restaurant you will have some quick suggestions on what to try in the area! heck it doesn’t even have to be used only when traveling, you may be surprised what you might find in your own backyard!

The Update should be live in a few hours. If you have not tried out our Android app, you can grab the pro version here. Or if you want to try the basic version for free first, try this link here.